About school

Our school, GRAMMAR SCHOOL OF JAN PIVEČKA AND SECONDARY VOCATIONAL SCHOOL,bearing the name since1.1.2012 is located in a quiet part of Slavičín and Slavičín-Divnice, in Zlín Region. The location is very convenient within an easy reach of students from all surrounding villages. Building the school is conditioned by broad cooperation with parents, business entities, primary schools, the town of Slavičín, the Zlín Region and the public.

Gymnazium is a grammar school which provides the students with a general education completed by the school-leaving examination and prepares them fully for their studies at universities.

Secondary vocational school provides education in graduation programmes, three-year apprenticeship courses and two-year extension courses. The teaching of programming on CNC machines develops dynamically. The school is equipped with CNC metal lathes and milling machines. Our goal is to increase the competitiveness of our graduates in the labor market.

The total number of the students at our school is about 600. Our school cooperates P.A.R.K language schools and local companies.

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